Why my bathroom has blue tint?

Juliet Schmeler asked a question: Why my bathroom has blue tint?
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The pain is water- and scratch-resistant but the tint is prone to color smudges and stains. Pale Oak OC-20 by Benjamin Moore Description. Named after the majestic tree, this tint of old gray color looks is one of the best paint colors for bathrooms with rustic style. This neutral gray looks great as a main, but also elegant as an accent color.

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Well, water that has a blue/green tint usually means your home’s water has excessive levels of copper. And if humans absorb too much copper (either via skin, inhalation or ingestion), it can cause:

What Causes Blue Stains? Blue stains in shower, tub or sink fixtures, are in the vast majority of cases, a result of household water that has a low pH. So, what is pH, you might ask. pH is a measure of how much acidity water has. The lower the pH your water has, the more acidic it’s become.

A bluish or greenish tint in your bathtub water is typically due to the lighting used in your bathroom. When light shines on water, the water absorbs some colors and reflects others. A less likely cause of blue colored water is corrosion of the copper plumbing in your home.

If your plumbing is composed of different types of metals, the blue or green stains might be caused by electrolysis. Electrolysis happens when two different kinds of metals touch in the presence of water. The “least noble” metal (the one that is more reactive) will start corroding.

Hard to explain but I filled up my tub for a bath last night and noticed a blue tint to the water. Initially I thought it might be lighting or reflection from some of the blue in the bathroom so I took an empty 5 Gal bucket and filled that up to and took it to a different room. The blue was even more noticeable.

When water stands in copper pipes, the copper sometimes dissolves, which causes a blue tint when it reacts with the water. This can also give your water a metallic taste or leave blue-green stains on porcelain bath fixtures. Copper absorbing into your water can happen when the pipe is less than one-year-old and can go away with time.

Another theory is that blue toilet seats could be a result of Corynebacterium (which is often found on human skin) interacting with the silver coating on the seats.

Blue or green water is caused by the corrosion of internal copper piping. Generally, the water discolouration is accompanied by a metallic taste. This is a complex problem that at elevated levels of copper can have health implications. it is caused by the release of copper from copper pipes into the water.

What's actually happening is that the fibrous paper backing of your sheet vinyl floor is getting wet. When that happens, mildew will grow in that wet environment. The purplish brown or bluish grey stain you're seeing in/on the sheet vinyl is caused by the black mildew growing in the backing of the sheet vinyl.

Hormonal changes play an important part in this too. That’s why the largest number of people who reported a blue toilet seat were pregnant women. The increased levels of hormones that are present during pregnancy might be the reason. So when the skin interacts with the toilet seat, it can cause a change of color.

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Vintage blue bathroom tiles are easy to find and even easier to apply – you just need to look closer and arrange other items in your bathroom that would scream “vintage”. Blue tile can be used on the floor, on the walls or even around the bathtub to create an atmosphere of the 50s or 40s with all its chic and luxury. Look at our photo ideas below to better understand the concept of the vintage bathroom with blue tile. The Year 2021 collection is here:

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a mosaic blue and white tile floor, white tiles on the walls and a navy top for a contrast a small attic bathroom with a navy and blue mosaic tile floor and white tile walls plus a black floating vanity

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