Why is there no mezuzah on the bathroom?

Brandy O'Connell asked a question: Why is there no mezuzah on the bathroom?
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❔ Why is a mezuzah not hung on the bathroom doorpost?

Mezuzot contain scrolls that have portions of Torah written on them. According to halacha (Jewish law), prayer and mention of HaShem is specifically forbidden when a person is in a bathroom.

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If you’re looking for the right type of paint for your bathroom, reach for a water-based latex paint. While oil paint has its reputation for durability and ability to stand up to scrubbing—much needed qualities in paint for bathrooms—it requires the use of mineral spirits for clean-up, dries slowly between coats, and releases high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) .

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The bathroom does not merit a mezuzah since it is an undignified room. Why is a Mezuzah not hung on the bathroom doorpost? Mezuzot contain scrolls that have portions of Torah written on them.

A doorway that requires a mezuzah is only one that that has two doorposts and a lintel connecting the doorposts on top. If these conditions do not exist, a competent Rabbi should be consulted to determine whether or not that entryway requires a mezuzah. One does not affix a Mezuzah on bathrooms, shower rooms or the like.

@ShimonbM to clarify, my understanding is that there is no mezuzah on a bathroom because that room is designated for 'non-kavod' activities. I'm asking about a room where a child is normally changed and where the diapers are regularly disposed of before being taken out of the house.

In Shu"t Minchas Yitzchok he adds that if they (bathroom etc.) are not used for anything that would obligate them to have a Mezuzah (i.e. some people use a bathroom to store things therein) then even the outer room is exempt from a Mezuzah. See all this in Sefer Chovas Hador (Perek 2:9-10 and footnote 37).

Maybe the genuine meaning of mezuzah is the mitzvah scroll, and the doorpost is only called a mezuzah to emphasize that its existence is realized, not by holding the door in place, but by enabling a mitzvah. If not for the scrolls, there would be no reason for plain old doorposts.

They help preserve our physical dignity, even though the sights, sounds, and aromas of the scatological, such fodder for adolescent humor, disqualify the bathroom for a mezuzah. The ability to void and excrete on our own terms is one of Your most generous gifts to us, a wonder smaller in size than Your oceans and canyons and sunsets, but vaster in wisdom, more teeming with miracles.

Orthodox rabbis have determined that a mezuzah should be placed on every door frame of every room of every dwelling (except rooms considered undignified such as a bathroom). Yeshua and the Mezuzah When Yeshua (Jesus) was asked by a rabbi which commandment he considered the most important, he replied with the passage found in a mezuzah:

You were probably sure that there's some great symbolism in the fact that the Mezuzah is slanted.  If that's the case, I am afraid that I'm about to let you down. You see the tilted Mezuzah that you will find on so many Jewish homes is actually just a product of a technical debate in Jewish law. The debate took place between the great 11th-12th century Rashi and his Grandson Rabeinu Tam ...

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