Why is my dog scared of baths?

Hobart Watsica asked a question: Why is my dog scared of baths?
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After a few good sessions, try turning on the water, but don’t get him wet. Eventually, you should be able to convince him that bathing isn’t the big deal he thinks it is, especially if he ...

If your dog hates the bath, it might be because of the sensory experience. For most dogs, one of the worst things about bathing in a tub, shower stall, or sink is feeling unsteady on the slippery, wet floor. It’s the same for humans.

Many dogs struggle in the bath because their feet slip when they can’t gain traction. You can also use a grooming tether or a nylon collar and leash to keep better control of your pet while he's in the bath — just keep a watchful eye to reduce the rick of choking or other injury. Don't douse your dog with running water; this will make him nervous. Use a washcloth to wash your dog's face — it's less frightening than running water splashing over his snout.

Why does my dog still scratch after I give them a medicated bath? Problems with skin are apparently the primary reason people take their dogs to the vet. If it is an allergy- and dog allergies are evidenced in the skin- then bathing won’t help.

Feed or give him dog treats in the bathroom while water runs in the bathtub; Show him that baths aren’t scary by leading by example; Before the Bath. Once your pooch becomes more accustomed to water you can start the bathing process. Most likely, all his water fears will not have disappeared, so be prepared to soothe him if he starts getting anxious.

Sometimes, dogs aren't the only ones who hate their bath times. Dogs take their emotional cues from their pet parents. If you treat the bath like a stressful experience, your dog will follow suit, points out Dogster. Shouting at your dog, handling them roughly and hurrying through the bath all teach your dog that baths are something to fear.

Bath time can be a distressful time for you and your dog, especially if your dog is fearful of water. Quell your dog’s fears by acclimating your dog to the bathing area so it knows what to expect. Also, by preparing your dog and the bathing area beforehand, you may be able to make bath time a more enjoyable time for you and your dog.

A dog may react in fear to an upset stomach or other internal ailments. They Hear Something We Can’t. Dogs can hear on different frequencies than humans can. They could be hearing something that is otherwise inaudible to us. If the sound is new or irritating, it could be making your dog nervous and scared.

Very warm water can actually be a shock to your dog, so keep it lukewarm to ensure that temperature isn’t part of the problem. Begin young. Some pet parents make the mistake of assuming that their puppy is adjusting well to bath time when he just stands there rigidly (or worse, shaking in fear) during the process.

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