Sir will tindale knight of the bath?

Hillard Huel asked a question: Sir will tindale knight of the bath?
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A I). MccccoXXXi j”. Sir John Tyndall was one of the Knights of the Bath created on 31st May 1533 at the coronation of Queen Anne Boleyn, (30) and married secondly in 1534 Lady Winifred Fermor, the widow of Sir Henry Fermor Kt., of’ East Barsham in Norfolk. Their marriage settlement is dated 14th Dec. 26l ien.

Sir William Tyndall of Hockwald and Deane was created Knight Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath on 29 November 1489, on the creation of Prince Arthur as Prince of Wales in the reign of Henry VII. He was a Herald of the King, first as Guisne Pursuivant and later as Rouge Dragon.

William was made a Knight of the Bath on 29 November 1489, when Henry VII's son Arthur was made Prince of Wales. [7] [9] William's second wife appears to have been accused by Sir William Carrowe of witchcraft and sorcery: in the 1490s William sued Sir William for a debt relating to a bond given for the release of Mary from the charges.

Tyndale is recorded in two genealogies as having been the brother of Sir William Tyndale of Deane, Northumberland, and Hockwold, Norfolk, who was knighted at the marriage of Arthur, Prince of Wales to Catherine of Aragon. Tyndale's family was thus descended from Baron Adam de Tyndale, a tenant-in-chief of Henry I.

Sir John Tyndale, was born in the year 1486 in Hockwold-cum-Wilton, Thetford, Norfolk, England, son of Sir William Tyndal, and Mary Mondeford. He was married in the year 1525 in Hockwood, Norfolk, England***Data is already there*** to Amphyllis Coningsby He was married in the year 1525 in Hockwood, Norfolk, England to Amphyllis Coningsby, they gave birth to 1 child..

(E) Sir John Tindall was Knight of the Bath at the Coronation of Queen Anne Boleyn (or Bullen).It is said that he was sent for by the Bohemians to by their King, but that he refused to go.The Baron of Slavetta, a Bohemian, told his grandson, Dr. Humphrey Tindal, Master of Queens’ College, that of a right a Tindal should be their King; and that when the Archbishop of Cologne forsook the Pope, in hopes, by four electors, to choose a King of the Romans against the House, Sir John Tindal was ...

About Sir William Tyndale, Kt. Sir William Tyndal, KB, of Dene and Hockwold, Norfolk, KB 1473, d. c 1488 (Inq.p.m. 13 Henry VII), inherited Worlington Manor 1484 as one of the heirs of Thomas, Lord Scales, being a descendant of Elizabeth (Scales) Felbrigg, and he was declared heir by inheritance through his great-grandmother Margaret to the Kingdom of Bohemia; he m.

These Knights are listed in the Rolls of the Knights of the Bath, from the year 1127 A.D. through the year 1904 A.D. (1127 - 1904). This list may be found in Knights of England by Wm. A. Shaw. If you choose to use a knight from the period 1905 up into the 21st Century, then you will need to send "proof" of your ancestor having been invested as ...

left only a daughter and heiress, who being married to Sir Will. Tindale, Knight of the Bath (who died 12thHenry VII.) brought this lordship into the family; from which it passed as is above shewn, to the present [1738] lord, Cyrill Wyche, Esq. The Mundefords were of an ancient and noble extraction, descended (as it is said) from Hugh de

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