Bath are the regency tea rooms?

Casandra Mayer asked a question: Bath are the regency tea rooms?
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Escape the hustle and bustle of Bath’s busy streets with a visit to the Regency Tea Rooms at The Jane Austen Centre. Enjoy a pot of real leaf tea accompanied by a slice of homemade cake or a delicious light snack, and be transported to Jane Austen's Bath. Take a tour around The Jane Austen Centre before tucking into an afternoon tea and gazing out ...

Combining the rich history of Jane Austen’s novels and the high tea treats, The Regency Tea Room is a sumptuous delight to revel in when in Bath. Whether it is having Tea with Mr Darcy or having delicious scones with Lady Catherine, The Regency Tea Room will make you feel like you are immersed in the rich world of some of the finest books in history.

The Regency Tea Rooms, Bath: See 277 unbiased reviews of The Regency Tea Rooms, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #199 of 544 restaurants in Bath.

The Regency Tea Room is on the second floor Bath is well provided with tea rooms and other venues to take tea, with at least three tea rooms in the city centre close to the cathedral and shops. The Regency Tea Room is on the edge of the city centre, away from the shops but on the tourist trail for those making their way to the Royal Crescent.

About. Set on the 2nd floor of the Jane Austen Centre is the elegant Regency Tea Room with free entry. Tea lovers and literature lovers unite for this once in a lifetime experience. Combining the rich history of Jane Austen’s novels and the high tea treats, The Regency Tea Room is a sumptuous delight to revel in when in Bath.

This is a must do in Bath. Regency Tea Rooms, located at the top of the Jane Austen Centre, had all kinds of different teas with cute names like the Mr Darcy Tea w/ finger sandwiches, cake, and scones w/ the proper clotted cream and jam. We opted for the Ladies Afternoon Tea and the Proper Cream Tea.

The Regent’s Tea Room is on the second floor of the Jane Austen Center. You don’t need to buy a ticket to go to the Tea Room, just go upstairs. The waiters in the Regency Tea Room and the staff at the Jane Austen Center are all dressed in Austen-era costumes. There is a portrait of Mr. Darcy in the tea room.

The Regency Tea Rooms don’t take bookings during the summer months, so if you’re heading over in the holidays, it might be worth going a little earlier in the day to miss the afternoon crowds. In winter, they only take bookings for large groups. We paid for the full Darcy afternoon tea, which is £37 for two people and includes the tea.

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